Tour of principal exhibits duration is 45 minutes.

The tour will present unique examples of fine writing based on the alphabets of various peoples: Cyrillic and Latin, Hebrew, Arabian, Chinese and other ancient languages, as well as calligraphy tools and materials.

The Museum organizes the following tours:

  • Organized groups – every Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Any other date is subject to agreement with the museum manager;
  • Groups of individual visitors* - the last Friday and Saturday of each month: Friday – 17:00-18:00, Saturday – 11:00-12:00. A group of minimum 15 is required.

*A group of individual visitors is formed based on individual applications.

Tour booking and payment procedure:

To book a tour please contact the museum manager by the phone at +7 (916) 002-95-50 in advance between 10:00 and 18:00 Tuesday to Saturday to book date and time of the tour.

On the date of the tour, the customer (group supervisor) submits an application and pays for the service in full.

Tour cancellation or amendment:

To cancel or amend your group tour, please contact the museum manager by phone at +7 (916) 002-95-50.

Principal exhibits tour fee:

Price of the tour voucher for the permanent museum exhibition consists of the tour operations price and the entrance fee.

Payments can be made in cash or via a wire transfer (to be pre-approved by the museum manager by phone at +7 (916) 002-95-50).

Tours for children:

Group under 15 — 4500 RUB (per group),

Group 15 and up – 4500 RUB (per group) + 300 RUB per each extra member.

Group escort:

1 person free of charge, 350 RUB per each subsequent person

Tours for adults:

Group under 15 — 5 000 RUB (per group),

Group 15 and up – 5 000 RUB (per group) + 350 RUB per each extra member.

Tours in English (all ages):

Group under 15 – 6500 RUB (per group)

Tours for groups of individual visitors:

Entrance fee for all ages (no privileges) – 350 RUB,

Entrance fee for members of multiple children families* - 200 RUB.

*Privileged entrance granted upon presentation of relevant documents.