Саlligraphy About Moscow

Moscow: So big and diverse. So ancient and modern. Boasting numerous historical monuments and attributes of ultra modern culture. A colorful and eclectic kaleidoscope. The centre of attraction for the whole country. Our capital.

And thus, in all its diversity, Moscow is represented in the works that form our new exhibition “Calligraphy About Moscow”.

Golden domes of Moscow temples; an extract of a medieval historical manuscript; a triptych inspired by Brodsky’s poetry; a quote from a popular Soviet movie; a calligraffiti on the wall of an old downtown neighbourhood; a poem composed by a Chinese calligraphy master: every exhibition participant sees and feels Moscow in his or her own way, and they share their perception wit us.

We invite you to come and see the Calligraphy About Moscow exhibition in the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy!

Open December 2 through December 30, 2016

December 2, 2016 “Calligraphy About Moscow” exhibition opened.

Come and see how Moscow is presented in the works of our participants!

Below, we invite you to have a look at the electronic exposition.

Yuri Koverdyaev
The Spass Tower (sketch)

Paper, ink, watercolour, pointed pen
50x70 cm, 2016

Anatoly Moschelkov
Triptych. 1st part: And Now I am Leaving Moscow by Joseph Brodsky


Anatoly Moschelkov
Triptych. 2nd part: The Season is Winter by Joseph Brodsky


Anatoly Moschelkov
Triptych. 3rd part: The Christmas Romance by Joseph Brodsky


Dmitry Petrovsky
The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Fabriano paper, Gamma and koh-i-noor ink, Brauzer broad pen; computer-aided editing, digital printing.
50x70 cm; 2016

Dmitry Petrovsky
Moscow and Russia Forever

Fabriano paper, Gamma and koh-i-noor ink, Brauzer broad pen; computer-aided editing, digital printing.
50x70 cm; 2016

Yelena Bobkova
Moscow, How Many Strains are Fusing in That One Sound by Alexander Pushkin

Pastel paper, ink, watercolour, pointed pen; white ink and golden watercolour on red background.
50х70 cm; 2016

Andrey Nikanorov
Kostomarov. Adam Oleari

Paper, ink, broad pen.

Gennady Pavlov
St. George

Screen printing. Chalk-coated paper, screenprinting paint.
26,4x26,4 cm; 1997. Original work: paper, ink, pointed pen. 26,4x26,4 cm; 1996

Nikolay Taranov
The Golden-Domed Moscow

Broad pen, acryl.
60x33 cm; 2016

Li Zuo
The Ancient Capital

Li Zuo
The River Is Long

Li Zuo
The age of uniting the humanity

Ardaq Mukanova
Memories of Moscow. Poems by Sergei Yesenin.

Ink, pointed pen, paper, cardboard, wax, acryl.
29x42 cm; 2016

Olga Osadchenko
Don’t You Sigh When Staring in the Skies

Paper, ink.
40x60 cm; 2016

Alyona Staskova
The Golden-Domed Moscow

Ink, pointed pen, filling colour, acryl, pencil.
50x60 cm; 2016

Tatyana Georgiyeva
The Seven Hills

Ink, 1,5 mm pointed pen, pencil.
38x55 cm; 2016

Yekaterina Kovaleva
And I Will Recall Moscow

Gouache, water colour, brush.
70x46 cm; 2016

Yekaterina Kovaleva
On the Quiet Banks of Moscow

Ink, parallel pen.
60x39 cm; 2016

Darina Biryulina
The Moscow Walls

Tempera, markers, paper; mixed technique.

Darina Biryulina
The One Word is Moscow

Paper, markers.

Tatyana Titova
These Words are about You, Moscow

Mixed technique, brush, paper, watercolour, colour ink.
64,8x30 cm; 2016

Cyril Simon
Moscow. Calligraphy using the word "Moscow"

Ink on paper, cardboard, various metal tools, 46x70 cm. 2014