The International Exhibition of Calligraphy 2009

(October 14 — November 14, 2009 Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow)

From October 14 till November 14, Moscow turned into the capital of the world calligraphy. The connoisseurs of the art of beautiful handwriting still remember the I International Exhibition of Calligraphy which overwhelmed St. Petersburg last autumn (September 16 — 21, 2008). The festival of calligraphy in Moscow proved to be an even bigger, brighter, and broader event.

When you talk about art, especially about an exquisite art of calligraphy, the saying «one eyewitness is better than two hear-so’s» strikes to the heart of the matter. Over 25 000 visitors came to appreciate the elegance and abundance of the exposition, watch exciting demonstrations and master classes, evaluate stylish and breathtaking design, enjoy melodious music, scrutinize flower compositions, surprises, benefit from well-planned information and navigation systems.
Our photos will freshen up your memories and make it possible to feel the amazing festival atmosphere, pervaded by Beauty, Mystery and Art once again.


Opening ceremony. Music. Flowers. The leading calligraphers from different countries, representatives of religious confessions, diplomatic missions, culture institutions, the media, and project partners.

Display. The visitors saw calligraphy masterpieces by nearly 100 top artists from 34 countries. Moreover, unusual mini-collections, unique exhibits, rare handwritten editions, applied calligraphy objects, writing utensils and materials.

Surprises everywhere...

Amongst other memorable exhibits in the three pavilions the guests of the show could observe:

  • Masterpieces of «Sacral chamber»,
  • The World's largest Mezuzah, a unique calligraphy artwork chronicled in the Guinness World Records book
  • A thirty meters-long script scroll,
  • Arabic writing woven in the carpet of 4,5 meters in length,
  • Birchbark manuscript, parchments, Chinese and Korean manuscripts,
  • Decalogue, the book of unique and complicated design And many other things...

Master classes. 72 successful master classes were held as part of the exhibition event schedule.

Moscow residents and guests had a unique opportunity to observe the illustrious world-class calligraphers at work :

  • Barbara Calzolari (Italy) who worked for the Pope Benedict XVI and the leaders of the G8 countries,
  • Evgeny Drobyazin, author of the calligraphic copy of the text National Anthem of Russia lyrics, presented by Silvio Berlusconi to President Dmitry Medvedev during the G8 summit in L’Aquila,
  • Nja Mahdaoui, the prize-winner of numerous contests, member of the UNESCO international jury on distribution of art awards,
  • Pyotr Chobitko, Chairman of the National Union of Calligraphers Presidium,
  • Massimo Polello, President of the Guild of Calligraphers of Turin,
  • Other renowned calligraphers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Israel, Italy, France, Tunis, China and Serbia.

The exhibition demonstrated artistic handwriting samples and provided an opportunity for everyone to write with a pen like our grandmas used to or with a goose-quill pen like the great-grandmothers... You could learn your personal traits by having your handwriting analyzed, create your first hieroglyph or try your hand in traditional Japanese art of origami...

Excursions. Schoolchildren, students and retirees, museum workers, designers... Over 60 excursions were awaiting them. Neither the flu epidemic nor the long distances could keep the public from visiting the show. People were arriving from the Moscow region and more distant cities like St. Petersburg, Cheboksary and Nizhny Novgorod. Both visitors and guides enjoyed communication.

Closing. Summing up the results, the last autographs and free art...

It is impossible to describe everything the visitors of the II International Exhibition of Calligraphy beheld!
You have to see it with your own eyes! For instance, at the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy in Moscow or at the III International Exhibition of Calligraphy in Veliky Novgorod due in 2010.
To see, to wonder, to admire, to memorize and to stay with the amazing art of calligraphy forever!

Exhibition organizer: the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy

Partially supported by: the National Union of Calligraphers and Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre.

Project partners: RÖDER HTS HÖCKER GmbH, SWISS Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Maxima Hotels, Tourist Hotel, CONCERT.RU, KASSIR.RU, Russian State Library, Russian National Library, MGIMO Alumnae Association.

Media partners: Culture Radio, RBK Daily, Rambler Media, Diplomat, magazine.