Exhibition-2009 virtual excursion

Virtual Tour Instructions:

  • Loading may take time, please be patient.
  • Press and hold the left mouse key. Turn the image 360 degrees to the right or left.
  • Press the red arrow to go to a new panorama section.
  • Press the button under a showcase to watch exhibits in it. Some paintings also have this button: if so, you may zoom in. To close the image, press the cross in the lower right corner.
  • Double clicking the left mouse key opens the virtual tour in full screen mode. Press the Esc button on the keyboard to exit full screen mode.
  • In Full Screen mode you can use the navigation bar at the bottom which pops up automatically. If you do not use it for several minutes, this bar disappears. Position the cursor at the bottom centre part of the window to bring it back. To hide the bar, right click and select Hide Toolbar.
  • The MAP button in the upper left corner opens/closes the map. The red dots on the map mark the sections of the pavilion which can be viewed. The dots which have been viewed are a bit larger than the dots which haven’t been viewed yet. Press any red dot on the map to move to a selected section of the pavilion (please, wait several seconds while the zoom in mode downloads). To change the map of one floor to the map of another, right click and select a map from a pop-up menu (lines MAP: 1_floor and MAP:_2_floor for the first and second floor, respectively).
  • When in Full Screen mode, the map opens automatically in the upper right corner. Press the MAP button above to close the map.
  • To turn on/off the music press the SOUND ON/OFF button in the lower left corner. When in Full Screen mode, the SOUND ON/OFF button is located in the bottom central panel.

Enjoy your tour!