The Exposition

November 1-11

New authors have joined our project. On November 1-11 visitors will see the work that has become the symbol of the IV International Exhibition of Calligraphy — the «I Ching Signs», comprised of 64 hexagrams by Valerian Bakharev. Intricate calligraphy by Davlat Toshev from Uzbekistan is going to blow your mind! Hieroglyphic calligraphy will be showcased in the works of Yoshiko Yoshida (Japan), Yekaterina Nazarova (Japan), Li Zuo (China). Andrei Drachenkov is another participant of the project who creates unique works of Slavic calligraphy in his individual style. The exposition is to feature new works by other, more familiar artists, like Tashi Mannox (UK), Katharina Pieper (Germany), Pyotr Chobitko (Russia), Vitaly Shapovalov (Russia) and others.

November 13-18

The hallmark of this programme will be Roman writing by these masters: Jaime de Albarracín (Peru), Briem Gunnlaugur (Germany), and Vlam Bas (Norway). Hebrew calligraphy will be presented in the new works by French calligrapher Michel D’Anastasio. Slavic calligraphy will be showcased in new works by Vitaly Shapovalov (Russia), Andrei Drachenkov (Russia), and Gennady Matsur (Belarus).

November 20-25

Arabic lettering will be presented by the new members of the project — Babak Rashvand Hamamlo (Iran), Sabah Bapir (Qatar) and Eduard Dimasov (Russia). The works of female calligraphers are full of emotion and beauty.Feature artists are Sabina Aliyarova (Russia), Katharina Pieper (Germany), Sarah Hartwig (Germany) and Marina Soria (Argentina)

November 27 — December 2

This programme exhibits works by well-known Russian artists — Vasil Hannanov, Yelena Epshtein-Orlova, Nadezhda Pavlova, and Appolinaria Mishina. Bahman Panahi, a French calligrapher of Iranian descent, will also display his works.

December 4-9

Our featured piece of this programme is the group work «Music in Calligraphy», created by Pyotr Chobitko and his apprentices. Dmitry Petrovsky will present a different style of the Saint-Petersburg School of Calligraphy. Yevgeny Drobyazin, the author of the hand-written National Anthem of the Russian Federation, which was given to Dmitry Medvedev at the G8 Summit, will also exhibit his new works.

December 11-15

Two Latin American calligraphers will showcase their works during this period — Gil Cláudio (Brazil) and Marina Soria (Argentina). In addition, visitors will see new works by Yuri Toreyev, a calligrapher from Belarus, as well as Nikolai Makarov and Jovanka Sorgic from Serbia.