International Exhibition of Calligraphy – 2021


Due to the fact that the Sokolniki International Exhibition Center is currently hosting a temporary hospital for patients with coronavirus infection, the International Exhibition of Calligraphy will not be held in 2021. The new dates for the event will be announced later.

September, 2021, will see the International Exhibition of Calligraphy, a flagship project of the World Calligraphy Museum, held for the 7th time. The event is bound to become a major cultural event of 2021.

The museum, which recently celebrated its tenth anniversary, holds a unique collection of calligraphic works by contemporary artists from across the globe. In 2017, the 6th International Exhibition displayed over 350 masterpieces created by 150 masters from more than 60 countries. And it is highly likely that 2021 will set new records!

New artists will be joining familiar names to offer guests and citizens of Moscow their impressive works and tell their equally compelling stories. The vibrant colors and the smoothness of lines of European, Arabic, and Oriental calligraphy will take your breath away, while the variety of techniques and artistic forms will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated audience.

Traditionally, the Museum will offer a varied program for each day: lectures, presentations, calligraphy performances, and naturally, the famous hands-on workshops. Everyone will be able try their hand at the art of fine writing and learn from the unsurpassed artists of today. In 2021, the museum will feature a series of new works created by Chinese masters, ready to immerse you in the atmosphere of the Orient. To learn more about the exposition, visitors are welcome to take part in a guided tour.