The calligraphic tree is blooming due to its strong roots and branches of tradition which yet are able to catch all new trends. Inheriting this centuries-long experience we offer our partners a set of topical services and traditional quality as well calligraphic-like attention to details.

Your art soirees, “Evening With” events and presentations are worth of chic décor. We are glad to invite you and your guests to a cozy pavilion in an old Moscow park which at present is the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre. The skillfully designed, though not at all artificial atmosphere of the World Calligraphy Museum makes the words and music acquire a new sounding and colours; the images become multifacet. Patriotic dedication of the entire museum staff and advanced technologies surely contribute to that. In accordance with your desire we are eager to provide you with video and audio devices and hi-tech presentation facilities. Large experience in organization of exhibition events makes it possible to solve all organization problems like security, catering (guest welcome, service and banquet organization) and transportation facilities.

If you prefer to know which mysteries the museum can reveal at night we can prepare and hold exclusive excursions and master classes.

The Mobile Museum is another unique variant of work. Some works from our rich collection or subject collections can be delivered right to your place.

We are open to everything new! We are open to you!


Director of the World Calligraphy Museum
Olga Shaburova
Tel: +7 916 205 09 78