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Calligraphy in Nature – Nature in Calligraphy

Calligraphy in Nature – Nature in Calligraphy

Pointed nib, ink, watercolours, Lana watercolour paper 300 g/m2, 57 х 46,5 cm, 2018.
What is calligraphy for you? For me it is a nib dancing. An occasion when the writing is not just an action but also an art in its own right! What you see is my love ode to an elegant and so gentle pointed nib, which found the unity and balance with sophisticated images of summer flowers.


Pointed nib, ink, 35 х 35 cm, 2018.
If I was asked to define this Copperplate based work with a single word, I would say “ideality”. Look at how many similar elements it consists of! Precise slope, everything written in one line and with the same shade width. But with all that it includes some romanticism notes, which are greatly reflected in ascenders and descenders. This is a true admiration! As an author and an everlasting fan of pointed pen, I hope you will share this love with me.


Varvara Panteleyeva

Born in 1989 in a village in the Far North near the Laptev Sea

Graduated from Bauman Moscow Technical University as a Medical Equipment Engineer in 2012

Having rethought her life goals in 2013, Varvara started to develop creativity and found a job in a wedding design studio, creating and folding handmade invitation cards;

The same year she set about individual calligraphy practice with a goal to demonstrate the beauty of a pointed nib. Initially Varvara worked with private projects and filmed artistic videos of her writing, which followed by an in-depth learning of the Copperplate history

Mastering the art of writing, in 2014 Panteleyeva opens a calligraphy and design studio, which is still active today, focusing on private projects and logo design.

The studio has been working with leading companies, such as Burberry, Van Cleef & Arpels, Pineider, Ulyana Sergeenko's Fashion House, the Department of Culture in Moscow and more.

In 2016 she engages a team and founds a calligraphy school named Nikolietta.

Today Panteleyeva is a professional and niche specialized calligraphy artist, working with pointed nib to demonstrate its beauty in combination with the other fields of art, such as watercolours and graphics.