Dmitry Ryzhov

Author works



Abstract calligraphy. Paper, lacquer, solvent, blade. 630х505 mm, 2015
The Image of Azur

The Image of Azur

Abstract calligraphy. Paper, permanent ink, solvent, blade. 350х355 mm, 2014


Dmitry Ryzhov

Born in Vladivostok

1979-1983 – School of Arts

First impressions of artists creating billboard campaigns and advertisements, including script and calligraphy works.

1984-1991 – Vladivostok Art School, decorative design. Mastering broad pen through Villu Toots' methodology.

1991 – outdoor advertising, mastering serigraphy and offset printing. Employed by a printing office to date, experienced typographer.

2006 – participated in the Message in a Bottle commercial souvenir project. Letters, greeting and poem cards. Spirits revived as the hands remember…

2008 – calligraphy contribution to the Night of Museums 2008. Live writing appeals to anyone.

2009 – workshops and hands-on training sessions. Demonstration of skills in public cultural events (The Night of Museums, The Day of Slavonic Nations, The City day, The Night of AdEaters, The Night of Libraries etc.). Gaining experience of audience engagement and perfecting training techniques and methods. Calligraphy improvisation. Exposure to Oriental (Japanese and Chinese) calligraphy.

2010 – exhibitor, active workshops, trainings, explanations and talks. Selection of content to cover wider public.

2016 – trainer of “scripts” in Primorye Regional Arts School, Vladivostok


2010 – Poetry, Graphics, Writing collective exhibition, Mikhail Eydus, Dmitry Ryzhov. Grafit studio gallery.

2011 – Biennale, Vladivostok.

2011 – Quote personal exhibition, Grafit studio gallery, Vladivostok.

2011 – The 4th contest exhibition in memory of Andrey Kamalov, Vladivostok.

2012 – The Mysteries of Writing personal exhibition, Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service, Vladivostok.

2013 – Regional exhibition, Vladivostok.

2013 – Area exhibition, Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

2013 – The 5th contest exhibition in memory of Andrey Kamalov, Vladivostok.

2014 – Time Capsule, Vladivostok.

2014 – The Artists of Primorye, Vladivostok.

2015 – The 6th contest exhibition in memory of Andrey Kamalov, Vladivostok.

2015 – International Exhibition of Calligraphy, Tokyo, Japan.

2016 – The Aphorisms personal exhibition, museum of Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service, Vladivostok.

2016 – International Exhibition of Calligraphy, Seoul, South Korea.

2017 – A Message from Insects collective exhibition, the Union of Artists of Russia, Vladivostok.

2017 – The Brush Dance, International Exhibition of Calligraphy, South Korea – Russia, Primorye Art Gallery, Vladivostok.

2017 – International Exhibition of Calligraphy, Hanoi, Vietnam.