Denis Lotarev

Author works



Color ink, pen, 57x63 cm, 2008
Composition, a sketch

Composition, a sketch

Paper, color ink, pen, 53.7x49.5 cm, 2008


Hand-made paper, fatty pencil, made under water in the Black Sea in the Crimea, 42х54 cm, 2010


Paper, ink, pen, etching technique, 53x73 cm, 2014.


Denis Lotarev

Born in 1983 in Mineralnye Vody.

Graduated from Grekov Art School in Rostov in 2003

Graduated from Repin State Academic Institute in Saint-Petersburg in 2012 (easel graphic works school supervised by professor A. Andreyev), State Attestation Commission diploma with honours.

Graduated from Saint-Petersburg Calligraphy School in 2010.

Denis focuses on calligraphy and creation of rare books (together with the Rare Book, from Saint-Petersburg publishing house). Since 2008 he has also been engaged in underwater painting projects.

His first original book – The Northern Sea Legends – was created in 2012 and illustrated with copperplate engravings, calligraphy and illuminated cover.

In 2013 the handwritten Northern Sea Legends won grand prix in The Image of the Book contest organized by the Federal Press and Mass Media Agency and the Association of Graphic Artists of the Moscow Union of Artists.

In 2014 Denis won the Printed Graphics nomination in the Second International Triennial of Graphic Art in Saint-Petersburg. The same year he became a member of the Russian Union of Artists.

Since 2008 he has been participating in the International Exhibition of Calligraphy.

His works are exhibited in the Scientific and Research Museum of the Russian Academy of Arts and in private collections in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Great Britain, France, South Korea and China.

Calligraphy books and sheets can be seen in the State Hermitage Museum and President's collections, in Yaroslavl History, Architecture and Art Museum Reserve and in the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy (Moscow).

As calligraphy artist of the Rare Book from Saint-Petersburg publishing house Denis has created approximately 60 books in total, including:

  • handwritten edition of The Tale of Igor's Campaign, art by Yuri Lyukshin, 2012.
  • handwritten pages of Aram Khachaturian’s Spartak ballet score for the same name book, art by Yuri Kuper, 2016.
  • handwritten pages of Aram Khachaturian’s Spartak ballet score for the same name book, art by Mamia Malazonia, 2016.
  • handwritten pages of Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty ballet score for the same name book.
  • handwritten calligraphy text of the Thirty-Six Stratagems. The Ancient Chinese Essay.


  • International Exhibition of Calligraphy, Saint-Petersburg, museum of the Russian Academy of Arts, 2008
  • International Exhibition of Calligraphy, Moscow, 2009
  • International Exhibition of Calligraphy, Novgorod, the Novgorod Kremlin, 2010
  • Exhibition to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Rare Book from Saint-Petersburg publishing house, the 12-Column Hall of the State Hermitage Museum, September-November 2012
  • The 36 Stratagems. The Ancient Chinese Essay exhibition, the State Hermitage Museum, 2016.