Muhammad Arif khan

Author works

Art calligraphy 5

Art calligraphy 5

Oil on paper, qalam. Script: suls, 460 x 295 mm, 2004


Muhammad Arif khan

Education: MA International Relations Hazara University

List of exhibitions:

20 August 1996 Islamabad
The first ever exhibition held at Hunerkada ArtGallery, inaugurated by chair man environment and forestry task force senator Waqar Ahmed Khan. The exhibition aim was to create awareness regarding environment.

9 July 1998 Islamabad
Minister for science and technology and women development Syeda Abida Hussain inaugurated the exhibition at Holiday Inn. The objective of the exhibition was to promote tourism in an artistic way, the ambassador of Japan also visited the exhibition.

May 4-6 1999 Peshawar
An international conference held at Pearl Continental organized by ministry of tourism with the aim to project the mountain tourism of Pakistan, the exhibition was a part of the conference and inaugurated by Chief Minister of NWFP Mehtab Ahmed khan Abbasi.

July 30 2000 Islamabad
Federal minister for education Zubaida Jalal inaugurated the exhibition at Margala Hotel. The idea behind this is to present scenic beauty from the northern area and kaghan valley, environmental preservation and cultural heritage.

27 may –June 2, 2002 Mansehra
Vice chancellor Hazara University professor Dr- Ashraf Adeel inaugurated at Hazara University. Large number of people, students and distinguished guests enjoyed the exhibition. Purpose of the exhibition was to create awareness and aptitude towards art in the area and to present Nature tourism, mountain aestheticity in a painterly way. Many leading print and electronic medias covered the exhibition.

27 September 2003 Rawalpindi
World Tourism Day celebrated at Flash man’s organized by PTDC. The exhibition was part of the day to present paintings especially made on tourism subject and inaugurated by minister of state Rais Munir Ahmed.

22 August 2006 Islamabad
An exclusive exhibition held at south Asian art gallery. The title of the exhibition was “kaghan valley through an artist eyes” inaugurated by the federal Minister for Tourism Nilofar Bakhtiar. The objective of the exhibition was to promote tourism in a painterly approach. Many leading print and electronic Medias covered the exhibition.

27 September 2007 Peshawar
Sarhad Tourism Corporation sponsored to present paintings on the day of world tourism day at PC. The exhibition focused on the natural scenic beauty of the northern areas and Hazar’s famous valley Kaghan. This exhibition inaugurated by provincial minister for tourism and archaeology.

2 Sept-2010National Art Gallery Islamabad
Group show held under PNCA on National Calligraphy painting exhibition. I participated in the show and the work has been appreciated both in electronic and print related medias.

29 November 2010 Islamabad
The exhibition held at Jharoka Art Gallery Islamabad, Federal secretary Govt-Pakistan for privatization inaugurated. Famous artists, large number of people from the community and other print and electronic media professional visited the show.

12 May 2011 Hazara University Mansehra
Group show of painting held at art gallery of art and design department of Hazara University held. The exhibition inaugurated by DCO Mansehra.Vice Chancellor of the HU too visited the show. A lot of distinguished guests of all walk of life, students and art lovers visited the show and immensely appreciated. Leading news and print Medias covered the show as well. I participated with 12 selected paintings focused on natural environment of thevalleys of hazara especially kaghan and balakot as well as northern areas to present beautiful tourists spots.

2012 Iran Tehran
An international Calligraphy exhibition held in Tehran in which I presented Pakistan along with my art work, I presented 20 pieces of art calligraphy work. The exhibition inaugurated by the cultural minister of Iran in which 25 Islamic countries participated.

July 2014 PNCA Islamabad
National Calligraphy group show at NAG

2016 Nishtar Art Gallery Peshawar
Solo exhibition was held in coordination with the tourism kpk on the world tourism day. Large number of people visited the show. Senior Advisor tourism, culture and sports Abdul Munham khan Inaugurated the exhibition.

2016 Fabrika Moscow
Pakistan Calligraphy exhibition held at the Fabrika Museum Moscow Russia. I not only coordinated this exhibition but was the part of the exhibition as an artist. The Pakistan Ambassador to the Russia inaugurated the exhibition.