Michiko Hamasaki

Author works

Scroll "Sad thoughts" (Omoi)

Scroll "Sad thoughts" (Omoi)

Paper, Japanese ink (Sumi), Japanese Raccoon dog-hair brush (Fude), 35X140cm, 2013


Michiko Hamasaki

- Born in Yamagata, Japan.

- Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in calligraphy from Tokyo Gakugei University.

- Holds Exhibitions in Japan and other countries from 1986.

- Daijikigo performance and workshop in 15 countries.

- Director of the Museum of Sumi Art

- Daijikigo performance and workshop at the 4th Women’s World Conference in Beijing (1995)

- Exhibition and daijikigo performance at the Daiwa Foundation Japan House in London(1997)

- Exhibition and daijikigo performance at the Gallery Grand Paris in Paris (2003)

- Lecture and daijikigo performance at the Japanese Embassy in Poland (2006)

- Lecture and daijikigo performance at the Salamanca University in Spain (2007)

- Lectures, workshop, and performance at the Turkish-Japanese Centre, Ankara

University, and Chanakkale University in Turkey (2008)

- Exhibitions, lectures, daijikigo performances and workshops in Honduras, El Salvador, and Mexico as part of the Japan Foundation’s promotion of understanding of Japanese culture (2010)

- “Creating ties” New Year event in Fukushima (2012)

Visits to people living in temporary accommodation in Miyagi (2012)

- Exhibition –One Mind and One Heart- in Naples, Italy (2013)

- Calligraphy seminar in Tashkent, Uzbekistan (2013)