Elena Pellicoro

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Sharing Is Caring

Sharing Is Caring

Paper, cardboard, pen, brush, 30х21cm, 2014


Elena Pellicoro

Elena completed her education at ‘Istituto d’Arte’ in Torino and in 1982 began her professional activity as a restorer of books and other paper works.

In 1987 she started teaching Fine Arts including Trompe l’Oeuil and Decoration, developing several artisanal manufacturing techniques with mixed media.

She discovered her love of calligraphy as a new and different form of representation.

Currently she teaches calligraphy and decoration at her own Studio in Torino.

2008 - Exhibition in the National Library of Turin “Dal segno alla scrittura, dalla scrittura al segno”

2010 – Exhibition in the National Library of Turin “In bella e in brutta, scriviamo!”

2013 - Exhibition in Ki Gallery in Turin “BOOK MY (HE)ART” - collection of artists' books