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Non ti ricordar de’ peccati della mia giovinezza (Remember not the sins of my youth ...) Psalms 25:7

Non ti ricordar de’ peccati della mia giovinezza (Remember not the sins of my youth ...) Psalms 25:7

Cotton canvas, gold enamel paint, gouache, blue carminium indigo pigmets, gallotannate ink on flat brush, metal nibs, ruling pen, 45х55 cm, 2009
Ithaca. From C. Kavafis

Ithaca. From C. Kavafis

Fabriano Roma paper, gouache, collage, Brause nibs (Littera Antiqua style), flat sponge (big red letters), 79х61 cm, 2007
Nothing has changed

Nothing has changed

Arches MBM paper, gouache, walnut husk with Brause nibs and flat brush, 62х62 cm, 2007
Blue K

Blue K

Canson black paper, gouache, enamel paint, wood character , Brause nibs, 53x68 cm, 2008
Result of a master class at the Moscow Exhibition 2009

Result of a master class at the Moscow Exhibition 2009

Pre-coated canvas, white, black, red ink, brush, 2009
Geometry of the Soul

Geometry of the Soul

Gouache on paper, syringe with sumi ink, 50х70 cm, 2014
Amor che a nulla amato amor perdona

Amor che a nulla amato amor perdona

Gouache with pen, balsa wood, sumi ink, 50х70 cm , 2014


Massimo  Polello

Massimo was Born in Turin, Italy, in 1970; where he now lives and works.

He received his professional training at the School of Graphic and Fine Arts. A long period of self-instruction followed during which he developed a personal style of calligraphy and studied with numerous calligraphers and internationally recognized masters of penmanship at the Scriptorium de Toulouse, France.

He is the President of Turin calligraphers′ guild Dal Segno alla Scrittura under the International Centre for Calligraphy Arts in Rome (CIAC)

He has exhibited his work in collective and one-man shows in Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Japan, and Pakistan.

Free-lance calligrapher and calligraphy art designer, Polello deals mainly in designing calligraphic logotypes, trademarks, packaging, and publishing. He receives numerous commissions for large-scale calligraphic works, such as floor decoration, murals, stand design, design at public art exhibitions, hotels, private apartments.

He was involved in the documentary project for the Florence National Archives dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci′s manuscripts and for the Archives of Mantova dedicated to Andrea Mantegna′s letters.

In 2006 he was involved in cooperation with the Guild of Calligraphers-Artists of Pakistan in organizing “Italy-Pakistan — a two-Nation Exhibition” held in Lahore with the support of Punjab authorities and the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs where he organized the opening ceremony, conference, and seminars.

In 2007 worked with Peter Greenaway, an artist and film-maker, on a video installation and catalogue "Repopulating the Palace" for the opening of Venaria Castle, Turin

In 2008 he organized the exhibition “Dal segno alla scrittura, dalla scrittura al segno” held in the National Library of Turin with the support of the the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, Piedmont Region, Province and Town of Turin.

He often holds workshops and seminars in Italy, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, and Pakistan.
His work is part of the Calligraphy Collection of the Academy of the Arts (Berlin) Archive and was published in national and international specialized reviews.

He is a Member of Doigts Noir, an international group of calligrapher-artist professionals who meet annually in France.

His web gallery is available at


In July 2008 his 2004-2008 works were published in the “WORKS” catalogue.

In October 2008 he had a collection of Leonardo Da Vinchi’s theoretical treaties published by Editiones Alternatives- Paris

He collaborates with the Graphicus journal, contributing articles for the magazine on calligraphy and script design.


1998 Special critics award, Young Artists Show — Galleria Azimut, Turin
2003 Award of the City of Menorca, Spain
2004 Premis Catalunya di Calligrafia, Barcelona, Spain
2004 International Choice prize at Grote Prijs Kalligrafie 2004 — Westerlo, Belgium
2004 First Prize at the International Calligraphy Competition — Lahore, Pakistan
2006 First Prize at the International Grote Prijs Kalligrafie 2006 — Westerlo, Belgium



1998 Calligramme — Caffe Procope, Turin, supervised by Giorgio Sebastiano Brizio
1998 Calligrafie — Galleria Modena 55, Turin
1999 Segni calligrafici — La Nottola, Turin
2001 Wonder Bar — Turin
2003 Segni calligrafici — Asylum, Collegno-Turin
2003 Ritmi Calligrafici — Galleria Arshile, Turin
2004 Tipocalligraphies — MJC, Bourg-en-Bresse, France
2004 Kalligrafie — Libreria Broadway, Palermo
2006 “Exposition” Mannakunsthuis Gallery — Bruges, Belgium
2006 “Immagini, segni, lettere” InGenio-Arte Gallery, Torino
2007 “Tentoonsteling” Gemeenthuis — Town hall Westerlo, Belgium
2008 High School for Graphic Arts “Velso Mucci” – Bra
2008 Commission Europeenne-Istituto Italiano di Cultura-Ambascita d’Italia — LUXEMBOURG
2008 — Exhibition “ La Cerverina d’art” Cervera- Barcelona – Spain


1999 Artisti Torinesi — Brain and Soul, Reggio Emilia
2001 TransLoco — City Library, Alessandria
2002 Arte Senza Tempo4 — Biennial of Alessandria
2002 Collettiva di Calligrafia — A. Steiner Institute for Graphic Art and Advertising, Turin
2003 Invito alla calligrafia — City Library Villa Amoretti, Turin
2003 Associacio Premis Catalunya de Calligrafia — Barcelona, Spain
2004 Associacio Premis Catalunya de Calligrafia — Barcelona, Spain
2004 Westerloo 04 Grote Pris Calligrafia 2004 — Westerloo, Belgium
2005 Festival della Cultura — Asti
2005 Antiche erranze — Municipal Library, Staranzano-Gorizia
2005 Hype Gallery — Assab On, Milan
2006 International Calligraphy Exhibition — Japan
2006 Gallery Manna Kunsthuis — Brugge, Belgium
2006 1ere Festival Internationale de la Calligraphie — Nogent sur Marne,Paris, France
2006 “Italy-Pakistan two Nation exhibition” Lahore-Pakistan
2006 “Biblioteche d′artista, insoliti percorsi d′arte e scrittura” Moncalieri (To)
2007 Galleria Cristiani, Il Natale che palle – Torino
2007 Les Doights Noir – National Bank of Luxembourg — Luxembourg
2008 “Dal segno alla scrittura, dalla scrittura al segno ” National Library of Turin
2008 “Peopling the Palaces” with Peter Greenaway, Venaria Castle, Turin
2008 Collective show during Gestalt National Congress- Turin