Mohammed Naser Tawoosi

Author works

The purity of handwriting comes from the purity of heart

The purity of handwriting comes from the purity of heart

Reqa script (15th-16th centuries), 37 х 46 cm, 2019
A single root of Abrahamic religions

A single root of Abrahamic religions

The text is written in Iranian naskh script. Signature and date are written in reqa script. 27 х 37 cm, 2012


Born in Najaf (Iraq) and grew up in Tehran (Iran), currently resides in Pardisan (Iran).

Naser Tawoosi descends from a calligraphy family – his mother was an outstanding calligraphy artist of Pehlevi era, and his second great-grandfather was Mohammad Hadi Isfahani, one of the court calligraphers of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar.

His calligraphy practice started in the age of seven, in 1991 Tawoosi commenced his career as a professional calligrapher, and graduated as PhD in 2001.

Top rank trainer in the Association of Calligraphers of Iran.

Special guest at more than 50 Iranian and international festivals of calligraphy focused on naskh and sols scripts.

Judge at international calligraphy festivals, including the festival in Grozny in 2019.

Professor at the Holy Koran Publishing and Distribution Centre.

One of key achievements is reconstruction and adaptation of reqa and toqi scripts.

One of the most renowned calligraphy artworks made by Tavusi is the text of Koran written on a single page.

Author of an essay about reqa and toqi scripts.

Supervisor of studies at the faculty of Islamic art at London National University.