Hassan Makaremi

Author works

I, Me

I, Me

Paper, ink, adapted calligraphy pen, 45х55 cm, 2010.
Rupestrian Graphics

Rupestrian Graphics

61x39 cm
I'm not myself - 1

I'm not myself - 1

Ink, oil, 450 x 660 mm, 2016
I'm not myself - 2

I'm not myself - 2

Ink, oil, 450 x 660 mm, 2016


Hassan  Makaremi

Psychoanalyst, painter and calligrapher, Hassan Makaremi was born in Shiraz, in southern Iran, in 1950. Since 1983, he has lived and worked in Paris. More than seventeen exhibitions of his works were organized in France and in the United States. His latest exhibitions were held at UNESCO in 2009 and at Malakoff City Hall in 2010. He has published several articles in French as well as in some Iranian magazines, some of which were compiled and published in 2005. Moreover, he published an anthology of poety and short stories with his wife entitled "Piano played in duet". Hassan Makaremi obtained a diploma from the Teheran Polytechnic School and the Paris "Ecole Centrale" (Central School). Being a professional engineer, he contributes to the "Centre d’Etudes Diplomatiques et Stratégiques" (Centre for Studies in Diplomacy and Strategy’) in Paris and the Institute for Business Management at the Sorbonne Pantheon, University of Paris 1.

Working in psychoanalysis since 1996, he is member of the Association Lacanienne Internationale (Lacan International Association) and conducts lectures at the Freud Library of Limoges. He is also an invited member of the Freudian School of Paris. Since 1990, he has been treasurer of the Iranian League for the Defense of Human Rights, affiliated with the FIDH (International Federation for Human Rights).


France, Limoges, 1996: Celestial ground, Me Celestial

Paris, 1997:Light, Time, Space

Limoges, 1998: Trace of Time in Persian calligraphy

Limoges, 1999: Fissional Love

Paris, 1999: The ground is an Angel, similar to a flower

Limoges, 2000:Culture of the habitat, reflection of nature

Paris, 2001: Calligraphy

France, Pompadour, 2002: Between Signs and Symbols

Limoges, 2002: Between Signs and Symbols

Limoges, 2003:Beyond the Body, the Traces of the Invisible

France Tarbes, 2004:Beyond the Body…

Paris, 2004:Plates

Paris, 2005: Rupestrian art and Human Rights

Paris, 2006: My Way

Paris, 2008: Language of the Birds

Paris, 2009, UNESCO

Paris, 2010, Malakoff


— Episodic Memory in Technological Progress
Review of the National Association of Technical Research (Association Nationale de la Recherche Technique), 1993
— The Part of the Unconscious in the Rider — Horse Relationship, 1998 (Equ’idea; Ministry of Agriculture)
— Geography of Vakil Souk, a poem in Farsi; 2004
— A Different Sound of the Past, collection of 18 articles; 2005
— Cultural Change: Deliver Reference 1
Editions of the Ministry of Agriculture, National Stud Farms, Paris, 2004
— Cultural Change: Deliver of Reference 2
Editions of the Ministry of Agriculture, National stud farms, Paris, 2005
— Piano Played in Duet, 2008, collection of poems co-written with his wife Mina Rad
— Topology of the Holy Places in Iran, French Psychoanalytical Review, 2009
— An Intercultural View of Calligraphy, a dialogue between ancient civilizations
China and Iran: UNESCO, 2009


Since 1997 he has participated in more than twenty conferences in France and Europe on varied topics:
Transmission of the Values (Limoges, 1999)
Love (Freud Library of Limoges, 1999)
The Unconscious and the Heart (Freudian Library of Limoges, 1999)
New Understanding (Freudian Library of Limoges, 1998)
Rational and Irrational (Corrèze, 1998)
Sublime Mystical (Freudian Library of Limoges, 2000)
I am in Love with Me without Me (Freud Library of Limoges, 2001)
The Father Beyond (Freudian Library of Limoges, 2001)
The Final Stage (the Day of Creation in Mourning, University hospital of Limoges, 1998)
The Name of the Father (Letter of the Freud Library of Limoges),
Sublimation (Freud Library of Limoges)

Persian poetry:

— Conference series on sustainable development, and Hafez (Iranian poet) at the International Center of Cerisy (2006); at Harmattan publishing house (2006); and at the Marie 9th Paris (2007). Reflections on the Persian Culture and Calligraphy, Persian Culture Association at the Centre Andre Malraux (Paris, 2006, 2008).