Tanja Leonhardt

Author works

“Schöner See Wasseraug” (A poem by Sarah Kirsch)

“Schöner See Wasseraug” (A poem by Sarah Kirsch)

Domino paper, watercolour; handwriting: chisel, ink. 190х455 mm, 2013


Tanja Leonhardt

Born in Groß-Gerau, Germany

1991 Master of Fine Arts, University Mayence with major subject calligraphy / typography at Prof. Alban Grimm and Mrs. Pamela Stokes.

Formation of „Atelier Leonhardt“ (Studio Leonhardt). Orders received by numerous towns and institutions. 1991 Rudo Spemann award (calligraphy) of the City of Offenbach.1992 Masterclass of Prof. Grimm.

Further education: gilding, wood and textile handling, video and photography as well as curses in philosophy and psychology."

Lectures at: Institute for Book Studies of University of Mayence, Klingspor Museum Offenbach, Gutenberg Museum Mayence, Rudolf Koch Gymnasium, Offenbach and at numerous other public schools.

Developing of writing-performances with students.

2000 nominated for the “open mike” writing contest.

2011 nominated for “Stadtdrucker-Preis” (for print-art) Gutenberg Museum, Mayence.

Numerous exhibitions and art-performances.

Articles and lectures about art and the art of writing, readings of own literary work.

Main projects:

2006 — Art-installing of "philosophical awning" (book-objects made of silk) at the University of Mayence and further on at numerous other places.

2007 — First conceptual exhibition at the Klingspor Museum City of Offenbach: "The trace of the other one" (Inkjet-printed silk)

2008 — Second conceptual exhibition at the main-library of Frankfurt city town: "indiscreet – German-speaking female artists and intellectuals in exile“, (printed silk)

2009 — Creation of a mobile assembly of 56 big wooden letters: “wordgarden” as an artistic and educational project. Working in „wordgarden“ with several groups of people

2010 — "Silkbooks" at the library of Mayence

Since 2010 Environmental Art project with printed silk and letters, working title: “languages of silk in nature”, including work with video and photography, it took place in several countries.

2011 — “The movements of the chain of signs” (silkflags) in the main-library of the City of Frankfurt and in Mainz

2012 — invited by the Goethe Institut of Genua to show “indiscreto” at Palazzo Ducale, Genua

2013 — "languages of silk in nature" in Klingspor-Museum Offenbach

2013 — “Languages of silk in nature” in the environmental art-journal “Lake” of the University of British Columbia, issue 8

2014 and 2015 Artist in Residence in nature reserve in Bosnia, continuing of "languages of silk", exhibition

2015 — presentation of Artwork at the Symposium “Letters + Film + Film + Letters” of Institute for Theatre, Film, and Media Studies of Goethe University, Frankfurt/M.

2016 — “Languages of silk in nature” at Galerie Carlshöhe, Eckernförde and SOH/Klingspor Museum Offenbach

2017 — Writing-Performance "The Prophet asks" at Klingspor Museum Offenbach

“Languages of silk” published in “The Dark Mountain Project”