Christina Borissova

Author works



Technique Ebru, 24х30 cm, 2014


Technique Ebru, 24х30 cm, 2014


Christina Borissova

Since 2008 – Associate Professor at NAFA, Head of the Typeface Design and Calligraphy Studio

2003-2008 – Assistant Professor of Typeface Design and Calligraphy at NAFA

2000-2003 – Doctoral Study in “Basic Calligraphic Standards and their Reflection in Rational Typefaces”

1999-2000 – Postgraduate study in calligraphy and historical binding in Bratislava, the Slovak Republic

1992-1998 – Master’s Degree in Poster Art and Visual Communications at the National Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria


Multiple participations in national and international exhibitions, among them:

- International Triennial of Stage Poster Sofia,

- National Exhibition of Bulgarian Book Art ,

- International project: “Ten Words Caravan”,

- Sofia Design Week,

- International Biennial of Humor and Satire in the Arts, Gabrovo (2011, 2013)

- International Calligraphy Exhibition, St. Petersburg, Russia (2013)

- Second independent International Triennial of Graphic Arts in Saint Petersburg, Russia (2014)

- Participations in international collective poster exhibitions in China, Mexico, Korea, Turkey, etc.

- Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists

- Member and co-founder of the New Vision International Group