Carry Wouters

Author works



Paper: Arches Velin, flat-brush, sumi ink, 325 x 500 mm, 2017
A Privilege

A Privilege

Paper: Arches Velin, Written with gouache and brause-pen, 500 x 325 mm, 2017


Carry Wouters

From an early age letterforms have fascinated me. At first I followed the natural ow of letters in texts, books.. I learned to read and I never stopped reading.

In 1994 I discovered another world full of letters: Calligraphy, the art of penmanship. Historical backgrounds of alphabets, the “mastering” of letters; the combination of scripture-text-emotion-color-techniques and materials.. mean to me a relaxing struggle as well as a curious question to possibilities and limits. Summerschools and weekend-workshops became a vital part of my life.

I started teaching calligraphy and Brody Neuenschwander asked me to be one of his teachers in his Witruimte-project. The interaction that occurs by working with students to look for the right balance between letter, shape and color, remains a fascinating process.

In 2011, while still working, I started studying in Bruges with Lieve Cornil, at the time Studio XII. The programme oers students a full training in lettering & graphic design, aiming to develop a thorough practical knowledge of written, carved, handdrawn and digital letterforms, in a historical and contemporary graphic context.

Besides the manual aspect I loved discovering the digital development, graphic programs and creative entrepreneurship.

Before finishing my master-year in 2014, together with Lieve Cornil, Jo De Baerdemaeker, Claire Van Watermeulen, Immanuel Corbillon and myself, we set up The European Lettering Institute in Bruges.

It is a very enriching experience, although entering all the E.L.I. activities in my calendar doesn’t leave much spare time for my personal work now.

Inbetween teaching and updating courses and E.L.I. in Bruges, developing my personal work is to be one of my major motivations for the next years to come.

Professional achievements

Some of the group-exhibitions:

2000: Art-project Biotoop-bis Gooik (B)

2000: 15 year Calligraphy Association Scriptores Den Haag (NL)

2003: Royal Pharmaceutical Society Antwerp

2000-2009: Biennial exhibitions with Davidsfonds Brasschaat and Artists Brasschaat

As project-revisor I guided calligraphy students on several occasions for Heritage-days, Open Monuments-days and other activities for the City op Antwerp.

In 2009 I had the pleasure to present my first Solo-exhibition at Kasteel Sorghvliedt (Hoboken- city of Antwerp (B)). A view on my work (with preface from Brody Neuenschwander) has been published by the city of Antwerp.

In 2010 Gallery Paul Verbeeck (Antwerp -B) hosted my personal work.

In 2011 I started studying in Bruges (B) with Lieve Cornil: a 4 year study.

In 2012 I represented the Lettering Institute at the first European Scriptorium in Goldkronach , organised by Andrea Wunderlich. Together with Ewan Clayton, Margaret Morgan, Helene Jenssen, Loredana Zega, Katharina Pieper and Jean Larcher it was a fabulous experience.

At the end of the week a group-exhibition endorsed the powerful work and friendship.

In 2014 I was one of the founders of European Lettering Institute in Bruges (B) where I still take part developing the Institute and continue teaching.

In 2015: launching of the App “Letters in Bruges”in collaboration with Torill Desaer and Heritage Department of Bruges

My work can be found in private collections and has been published in Letter Arts Review and on several occassions in publications (books and magazines) by Scriptores.