Moscow provides an exciting space for the display of calligraphic work

For any lover of the arts considering a visit to Russia there is a very special establishment that stands out as a must-visit. The world’s only museum dedicated entirely to the art of calligraphy was founded in 2008, hosting within its walls on a permanent basis the artworks featured at the first International Exhibition of Calligraphy. First of its kind in Europe, both the exhibition and the museum were conceptualized by Alexey Shaburov, private collector and entrepreneur.

Located in the Sokolniki Culture and Recreation Park, Moscow, the museum houses a vast array of calligraphic works from mystical Asian, to ornamental Arabic, to contemporary European works, as well as the Slavic writing so dear to the Russian people. The museum also hosts exhibitions, excursions and workshops, and is dedicated to promoting the art of calligraphy and international culture in general. In addition to contemporary works the museum also houses rare books, writing implements, both past and present, and depictions of the history of calligraphy. Ever aware of the close relationship calligraphy enjoys with other art forms, the museum holds events for musicians, poets, visual artists and others.

The museum is dedicated to the promotion of more refined writing in both children and adults, with Russia’s National School of Calligraphy based here. Courses are presented by leading calligraphers and aimed at all levels of proficiency. The courses for children are run over an extended period of time, and have proven to be highly successful, with some graduates so inspired they return as teachers.

Julie Chambers

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