Calligraphy: the Art of Excellence

Since times immemorial people have transmitted information in writing when oral communication was impossible. Letters widened human opportunities. However, written speech is not merely a means of data transmission. Usually people underestimate the complexity of the handwriting process. Anyhow, even at present time technical progress doesn′t diminish the significance of handwriting. It was transformed like everything else in this world. And great inventions like telephone and Internet couldn′t totally substitute handwriting.

However, some people are still unfamiliar with the term "calligraphy" (from Greek kallos  "beauty" + graphẽ  "writing").

A lot of moral values nowadays are changing and becoming artificial. Aleksey Shaburov, MVK Exhibition Company Director General, understands this very well and tries to do his best to improve the very quality of life by restoring the spiritual traditions through various social projects.

An official presentation of the new project of MVK International Exhibition Company is: Calligraphy: the Art of Excellence was held on February 15, 2008. This exhibitions will be held in St Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don and Moscow in September, October and November respectively. Before book printing was implemented, calligraphy was the chief method of textual graphic design.

This ancient art survived but will undoubtedly fall into oblivion if it is not properly restored and cultivated.

Calligraphy is also a means of self-evolution. The researchers proved that handwriting can tell a lot about a man′s character. Besides, calligraphic studies develop mental activity as well as minor hand motility, strengthening microscopic muscle fibers. Such discoveries let the researchers look at the art of calligraphy from a new point of view. It is clear calligraphy will not only develop a fine and neat handwriting but will broaden children′s minds. If we don′t care about the future today, tomorrow we may fail. Thus, today MVK International Exhibition Company is making investments which will bring fruitful spiritual and moral results.

The presentation held on February 15 attracted lots of interesting and professional people who couldn′t help sharing their outstanding ideas which will soon be brought to life. Professional calligraphers got excited by the fact that there are people who restore forgotten art and made some suggestions to the development of the project. Active and serious dialogue between MVK International Exhibition Company and the masters of calligraphy instills hope for successful project development and fruitful results.

The ceremonial introduction was made by Aleksey Shaburov, MVK Exhibition Company Director General. He told about the origins of the project. After that the audience was shown a documentary "Calligraphy: the flower of human soul" which emphasized the importance and aim of calligraphy restoration. During the presentation the guests were given an opportunity to communicate, share their views and opinions, and discuss possible cooperation. Prominent chirographers produced calligraphic masterpieces in front of the audience. At the cocktail party all the calligraphers could express their opinions. All of them are the keepers of knowledge and art neglected by the general humankind. However, the knowledge will be restored with the help of MVK International Exhibition Company.

Anyway, the project′s presentation was not merely a beautiful ceremony. On the day of the presentation they decided to set up a Mobile Calligraphic Museum. The first exhibit, a handwritten folio of the 18th and 19th centuries was given to MVK International Exhibition Company as a present.

Representatives of the mass media and the Russian Parliament, artists, MVK business partners attended the presentation and warm greetings of Anatoly Karpov, world chess champion, made the show unforgettable and very interesting; the theme of the project made the project culturally significant.

In this material world ruled by business and money there are still people who care about culture. Among them are Aleksey Shaburov and his team of professionals from MVK International Exhibition Company.

Source: Alexander Hodyakin