The World Calligraphy Museum Recognized as Community Organization

The World Calligraphy Museum in Sokolnki with a collection of about 5000 unique calligraphic masterpieces has been recognized as a community organization. The information about is available on the website of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. The World Calligraphy Museum arranges monthly charity tours for pensioners and children from needy families. The National School of Fine Writing for children and adults the goal of which is to develop this art in our country, improve students’ handwriting and preserve manual writing in the century of high technologies operates within the Museum.

In December 2017 the Contemporary Calligraphy Museum launched the project “Calligraphy for Everyone” on the basis of the Center for Speech Pathology and Neurological Rehabilitation of Moscow Healthcare Department. A cycle of calligraphy lessons was given within this project in the Center in 2018. Calligraphy lessons became not only a mentally beneficial leisure for the patients, but also a treatment procedure during which they discovered to themselves a new way of relaxation and immersion in their inner world.

One of the biggest social projects of the World Calligraphy Museum was the exhibition “Great Chinese Calligraphy and Painting” that took place in September, 2019 and gathered over 400 calligraphic works and paintings performed by authors from all provinces of China. In three days over 30 000 people visited the event, the entry to which was free. They had an absolutely free possibility to get in touch with the art of Chinese calligraphy, which is 5000 years old.