Calligraphy for All social project

The Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy will launch a project named Calligraphy for All in December 2017 in the Speech Pathology and Neurorehabilitation Centre of the Moscow City Health Department. Recently the museum’s team paid a visit to the centre to show a video presentation about the museum and give a trial lesson for patients and teams.

Calligraphy has unlocked not only educational but therapeutic potential for the patients, as it has given them a new way to relax and dive into their inner world. Many of them have recalled writing with ink and pen as children, using copybooks to practice fine letters and strokes. The room filled with excitement and joy has demonstrated that calligraphy is something more than the art of fine writing, but it can also apply as an art therapy to relieve muscle tension, gain confidence, regenerate and revitalize.

Given the demand, calligraphy classes will now be given on a regular basis to benefit the rehabilitation process.

We wish to extend our appreciation to the Speech Pathology and Rehabilitation Centre for their support in promoting the writing culture.