Tashi Mannox, Master of Tibetan Calligraphy, Celebrating His Birthday on July 23rd

Tashi was born in England in a Water Tiger year. Traveling as a calligrapher, he devoted himself to the study of eclectic artistic disciplines within the Eastern and Western traditions. For seventeen years, Tashi Mannox studied with the famous master of Tibetan calligraphy Sherab Palden Beru, and Lama Pema Ladrup, a master of Sanskrit calligraphy. Over the years of his creative activities, Tashi has completed a wide selection of projects within the context of the Buddhist tradition (including personal seals for the sitting Buddhist Lama Kalu Rinpoche and other masters) and took part in countless art exhibitions and festivals. In particular, Tashi Mannox became a member of the International Calligraphy Exhibition project, and his works are kept in the Museum of World Calligraphy, and they can be seen on display (the museum is temporarily closed at the moment).

The staff of the Museum of World Calligraphy congratulates Tashi Mannox on his birthday and wishes the master unlimited inspiration and success in his work.