Magical powers of Chinese characters revealed in the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy

On October 19 the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy hosted a lecture by Professor Alexey Maslov titled The Character and Magic: Magical Sources of Initial Chinese Characters – Contemporary Perception. The event is a part of the Public University: Thursday Talks in Moscow Museums project.

In his talk the talented speaker Alexey Maslov, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor and Head of the Oriental Studies School in the faculty of global economics and politics, Higher School of Economics, covered many aspects about the Chinese characters: from the genesis of the first Chinese tribes and origins of the hieroglyphs, to their modern transformations, from the ancient beliefs about their magical power to what transcendental powers are attributed to them today.

The audience was deeply carried away by the speaker, and there were many questions for him to answer after the talk was over.

We hope everyone enjoyed both the lecture and the ambiance it was held into, and the calligraphy masterpieces surrounding the audience inspired everyone to delve deeper into Eastern writing and calligraphy in general.

Hence, we remind that the new course ‘Introduction to Oriental calligraphy. Chinese and Japanese characters’ will start from November 1st at the National School of Calligraphy. The teacher, master of calligraphy Kaori Ishijima will introduce everyone to the fine world of Oriental writing.

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