The world’s largest ever sacred scroll of calligraphy Mezuzah is to be exhibited in Moscow

The world’s largest ever sacred scroll of calligraphy Mezuzah is to be exhibited in Moscow. Today the unique creation was presented to the capital’s Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy for its 1stanniversary. Veronica Skurikhina visited the celebration of masterly writing.

A mezuzah is an ordinary scroll with commandments, traditionally affixed to the doorframe in Jewish homes. But this one is the world’s largest scroll ever. That is why a special doorframe was chosen for it. The Guinness Book of Records“ champion now protects the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy’s doors.

Alexey Shaburov, Director of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy describes the scroll’s size: about one meter wide and two meters long.

“The Mezuzah was executed in this size for the first time,” Shaburov says.

The Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy has only operated for one year, but it has already collected the best works of calligraphy from over the world.

Besides the traditional Chinese hieroglyphs, visitors can see Indian writing, Arabic script and the Constitution of the Russian Federation executed in the techniques of traditional Russian monastery handwriting.

A renowned Korean calligrapher Kim Jong Chil always clothed in a traditional costume and works only on the floor. Each of the words he writes becomes a work of art.

Russian calligraphers also have something to be proud of: all the presidents have received handwritten hymns of their countries at the G8 summit this summer in July.

To understand calligraphy it is not enough to know letters only. Some artwork presented in the museum, are hanging upside down. But no one noticed, being consumed with the celebration.

Source: Mir, Intergovernmental TV and radio company website