The International Exhibition of Calligraphy to hit Sokolniki

From December 9th to December 14th, 2008, the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy at Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre will be hosting the International Exhibition of Calligraphy. According to the organizers, the aim of the project is to revive the long-forgotten art of calligraphy, make it more accessible, and create a favourable environment for its development. Calligraphy (Greek – καλλιγραφία – beautiful handwriting) is the art of refined and neat writing. The exhibition will feature works of art of Russian and foreign calligraphy schools from Europe, the Baltic States, the USA, Israel, China, Japan, Syria, Mongolia, the UAE, Turkey, Australia, India, Taiwan, Palestine, Jordan, Brazil, Peru, Armenia, and Iran.

The exposition will feature a wide range of exhibits including historical samples of handwritten texts, writing utensils, and a selection of professional literature. Applied calligraphy will be represented by embroidery items and calligraphic engravings on household appliances. The framework of the event will include master-classes by top calligraphers as well as educational lectures and training sessions for adults and children alike.

The first handwritten copy of the Constitution of the Russian Federation will also be premiered.

The Mystery of the World’s Calligraphy exposition will include thirty-five miniature constitutions (the USSR, the Russian Federation, CIS, Asia, and Europe) and inauguration speeches of the leaders of different countries.

Additionally, handwritten copies of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev’s inauguration oath and speech will be presented.

Source: TSAO-Inform, online edition of the Central Administrative Okrug of Moscow