The International Exhibition of Calligraphy

The International Exhibition of Calligraphy, dedicated to the art of beautiful writing, kicks off in the Academy of Arts in September.

At the age of high technologies people got a lot of inventions that greatly facilitated life. Now, we open a window of our e-mails to transmit information, and with an easy hand movement we transform thoughts into electronic letters. If we put aside content, our emails are almost indistinguishable: the monotony of text entered on the keyboard inevitably delays them in the flow of visual identity, making them a part of homogeneous electron mass. The art of beautiful writing has left our lives. Although, neat handwriting is able to change the perception of a message in a significant way.

Beautifully executed letters are a gesture of attention, emphasizing the author‘s individuality and his sensitivity in relation to the recipient. Writing tools also possess magical features: when, instead of the ballpoint pen, there is a pen of the 19th century (or even just a good quill pen of the 19th century) in your hand, it seems like letters begin to draw themselves, revealing talents and character of its writer.

Everyone is welcome to see the best samples of manuscripts (including a handwritten copy of the Constitution of the Russian Federation), to explore works of famous calligraphers from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus and find out secrets of fine writing at the exhibition, which is supposed to revive this forgotten art in Russia.

Source: Pulse St. Petersburg, online portal