St Petersburg has started calligraphy exhibition

On 16th September the International Exhibition of Calligraphy was opened in St Petersburg State Academic Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture n.a. Repin.

The exhibition offers a unique exposition that accounts for over 350 works of the best calligraphic schools in the world from 24 countries. Along with antiques, contemporary art is exhibited. The collection accounts for around 250 exponents among which the most interesting and undiscovered are patterns of Slavic writing, world historical manuscripts, rare letters and documents of the Imperial House of Romanov from the store-room of the State museum of history, announces

The exclusive exponent of the exhibition will be the one and only in modern history handwritten variant of the Constitution of the Russian Federation that came about due to the efforts of a team of calligraphers and editors. Fancy folio will be presented on 17th September during the gala-opening of the project and will occupy an honourable place in the exposition.

Source: IA Oreanda-Novosti