Russian Museum Receives Chinese Calligraphy Works as Gifts

The Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy has received gifts of 6 unique calligraphy works from guests from Henan Province. The delegation from the Henan Association of Workers of Culture and Art came to Moscow to discuss cooperation and cultural exchange.

Calligraphy was invented in China long ago. The earliest examples of Chinese writing, as discovered by archaeologists, date back to 6000 BC. They are ancient Chinese characters carved on tortoise shells.

Russian calligraphy has a centuries-old history, too. The collection of the museum features birch bark calligraphy by some of our compatriots. Varvara Panteleyeva, a calligraphy artist working in Spencerian script, gave a demonstration as she created custom business cards for the guests. Calligrapher Svetlana Molodchenko showed how to write capital letters for illustrated editions.

Source: Vesti