Russian calligraphy gurus created the first handwritten copy of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

Russian calligraphy gurus created the first handwritten copy of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

As explained by this group of goal-driven individuals, this copy of the Constitution has 120 pages produced with the help of the old technique of manual casting and with the use of rag paper. All words and letters are China-ink-written. To prepare this drafting ink, the creators used roots of a variety of plants.

The participants of the presentation ceremony, which took place in Moscow at the International Exhibition of calligraphy, shared their vision on calligraphy art being the reflection of a personal culture.

“It is increasingly important to revive the culture of writing and calligraphy,” Alexey Shalashov, Director of the Moscow State Academic Philharmonic Society says. “In the computer era we all have to promote the art of calligraphy at primary schools and, thus, increase the role of the Russian language.”

Nikolay Taranov, Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences, Candidate of Art History, Professor, member of the Union of Artists of Russia believes that “The beauty of man is in the beauty of his handwriting.” and “a clear writing manner shows an innocent soul and good intentions.”

Alexey Shaburov, Director of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy was the one who highly appreciated the importance of calligraphy. He believes that “To reach professional perfection, we all need to understand our culture from A to Z; we need to explore our traditions. Calligraphy cannot make headway without these ingredients. What is calligraphy about? It is about a writing pen, a piece of paper and, of course, an eruption of feelings. It cannot go further without feelings and soul. It is the most beautiful of all arts!”

Chen Wenfu, a well-known Chinese Calligrapher, continuator of a great dynasty of Chinese calligraphers, member of the Chinese Scientific Union of Antithetical Couplets reminded everybody of the fact the calligraphy is the oldest of arts. Calligraphy is not only about beautifully written words, it is also about self-improvement. Only a man willing to achieve great personal successes has fair chances to become a truly professional calligrapher, who is quite able to create a masterpiece. A masterpiece that can reflect the inner world of an artist.

Pyotr Suspitsin, Director General of the Rare Book from Saint-Petersburg Publishing House, brought to general notice that they are currently working hard to publish the Lay of the Host of Igor calligraphic book. This will make us a bit closer to the world of the ancient Slavic writing and language. This book will be manually published using 19th century printing machines. Original illustrations will be frequently used.

The International Calligraphic Exhibition will take place from September 16th to September 22nd in Saint-Petersburg. This Exhibition will display various works of top calligraphy writers from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

The core mission of the project is to develop a beauty-driven healthy society. The main goal of the project is to recover an art once lost, and make it open to the public, having created a comfortable setting for the growth of this art.

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