First Russian Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy is to be opened in Moscow

There will be opened a first Russian museum of pencraft – Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy. As it is said in the organizing committee the museum will work on the territory of the Sokolniki Park of Culture and Rest.

“All over the world, particularly in Turkey, China, Japan, and United Arab Emirates there are museums with the permanent expositions of calligraphic works. In Russia we have not got such museums before”, - said organizers.

Among the exponents there will be presented samples of Slavonic and European writing, foreign and Russian books in calligraphy, rare exemplars of handwritten editions, writing tools of past and present days, works of Jewish School of Calligraphy.

At the heart of the exposition there are over 80 works of calligraphers from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, France, Israel, Syria, the USA, Japan, China, etc. “All these works are fine specimens of art drunk in the experience of masters of all generations, ancient traditions of lettering”, - emphasized people from the organizing committee.

Source: "Kultura