Calligraphy exhibition opened in Sokolniki

Moscow dwellers and visitors can see the anniversary International Exhibition of Calligraphy at Sokolniki ECC until 12th April.

Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre is hosting the International Exhibition of Calligraphy at the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy from 14th March to 12th April.

This is the largest calligraphy exhibition project in the CIS and Europe. The major theme for the show is “Contemplation of the Motherland ”.

With 189 works displayed in the exhibition space, each unique in its content and technique, they were conceived by 90 participants from 52 countries, in particular : Russian, American, European, Chinese and Japanese calligraphers.

You’ll be able to see St Mark’s Gospel by Appolinariya Mishina. The work contains 155 pages of illustrations as well as 104 coloured eau-forte miniatures illuminated with leaf gold. A special calligraphic type based on half-running hand was developed for the book.

The exhibition will show many other works demonstrating richness, beauty and uniqueness of writing.

Source: Gudok, newspaper’s web portal