Calligraphy as medicine and training for the mind and soul

According to the plan of the Head of the project, Alexey Shaburov, the first International exhibition in calligraphy is expected to become a starting point for the revival and development of the art of writing in Russia. It will favour spiritual perfection, the rise in moral and cultural potential of the country and, as a result, the forming of a healthy and beautiful society.

The project will become a foundational factor of future perspective programmes. The art of calligraphy makes a close connection between different kinds of art: painting, architecture, sculpture, dance, photograph and cinema, and design. It is also rhetoric, and an art of communication. Besides, the realization of the project may positively affect the quality of Russian education. That is why the organizers of the exhibition are supported by the Heads of the biggest Russian universities: Moscow State University, St.-Petersburg State University and Moscow State Institute of International Relations.

The grand opening of the presentation will see the participation of representatives of the Presidential Department of the Russian Federation, the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, State Duma, and Moscow State Duma, Russian National Library, and well-known politicians will be accompanied by a laser show.

At the exhibition there will be an extensive exposition of rare historic manuscripts of the 10th-17th centuries, and writing materials of different periods. There also will be open a specialized library. Works of leading contemporary authors from Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine will be shown. The guests will be able to see collections of calligraphic schools of Europe, Israel, Syria, the USA, Japanese, and China.

A member of the Chinese learned body of twin inscriptions, a continuer of the great dynasty of Chinese calligraphers, Chan Wan-Fu is expected to share his unique technique “Ming-Shu” (writing of hieroglyphics with closed eyes) with visitors. Mini-presentations will be held by calligraphers Leonid Pronenko and Peter Chobitko. The exhibition will be open from the 14th until 17th of May.

Exposition will work from the 14th until 17th of May, 2008 in the Crocus Expo Exhibition Centre from 10 am till 6 pm.

Organizer: The International Exhibition Company supported by the MGIMO Graduates Association.

Source: Information portal Rambler-Moscow