The first graduation from the National School of Calligraphy

Last Sunday the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy held an Open Day to celebrate the first class of graduates of the National School of Calligraphy who have undergone training under the guidance of the chief instructor of the school, Yuri Koverdyayev.

To begin the ceremony Alexey Shaburov thanked the Embassy of Qatar for the Holy Quran they had presented to the Museum, and continued the ceremony with a presentation of the National School of Calligraphy. Not all the students have reached the end of training: only 76 students graduated of 9 groups. Guests of the museum were shown the video lessons. All graduates have expressed a lot of warm words to the management of the National School of Calligraphy and specially mentioned the learning methods. They all stated they would like to continue training on the next course. Alexey Shaburov talked about levels of education and the challenges that are put before the students at each of the courses. At the end of the presentation psychiatrist Lyudmila Kulanina told the audience that calligraphy has beneficial effects on human health, and cited good examples of why you need to practice writing as often as possible.

On this day, everyone could watch the skills of Yuri Koverdyayev, the school’s Curator, who held a series of master classes. Over 100 people enrolled on the next course just within an hour. The groups are still being formed.

Source: Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy