National School of Calligraphy reflects on 2017

The first half-year is over, and the school of calligraphy has finished Basic, Pointed Pen, Lettering, Spencerian level 1 and Brushpen courses. It's a pleasure to see fresh certificate owners pursuit new goals doing more courses. For many people calligraphy has opened a new page in life, helped fulfil themselves and broaden horizons.

Some graduates of our school have participated in the museum’s projects as artists venturing new roles, and it pleases us to see their artistic and teaching achievements. For example, Alexey Fedichkin and Oxana Paponina have niched in social projects, while Elena Perevoznikova and Yana Myshekop have taken on the roles of workshop trainers.

The National School of Calligraphy opens up new avenues, offering a wide selection of calligraphy courses. In 2018 we will restart it with an updated multi-level system that will enable more specific choices to accelerate and expedite teaching and learning process.

Applications 2018 are now being taken!

Please note, some courses start in January, but the majority launches in February. For details please contact museum managers.

To enroll please call 8-916-002-90-09 or email