Decorative Lettering course

Lettering. Skethes. (fragment)
Lebedev Artem

5 lessons, 2h each
Level: any
Cost: 9 600 RUB


Letter structure, formation of scripts.
Script theme, appliance of various styles and textures in one work.
Letter stylization, script composition techniques.
Unique thematic scripts in greeting cards.
Typography and lettering applied in promotional materials and design.


A4 colour paper.
Poster and pointed pens.
Flat and pointed felt-tip pens, Pilot Parallel Pen.
Brushpens, liners, colour gel pens, fineliners.
25cm ruler.
Graphite pencils (TM, HB).
Eraser, kneaded rubber.
Colour ink or acrylicс paints.