September 13th, 14th, 2014. Master-classes in calligraphy art for kids and adults

Last weekend the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy saw two master-classes organized as part of the Calligraphy, Water, And Chance one-man exhibition by Vitaly Shapovalov.

On Saturday, during the live session, Vitaly Shapovalov shared secrets of his unique mastery with the guests of the event and also made a guided tour of the exhibition presenting his works. As the discussion went on, the guests of the museum asked many interesting questions on the calligraphy technique Vitaly Shapovalov uses, on his art and the art of beautiful writing.

On Sunday, a calligrapher and teacher of the National School of Calligraphy Nina Kozubova held a master-class for children. The young visitors got to learn the basics of how to use a sharp-pointed pen and tried their best to write English italics.

The Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy welcomes everyone to the upcoming master-class by the expert-graphologist Larisa Drygval!