October 20th, 2013. Monogram Master-Class

On Sunday, the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy witnessed a master-class on the art of the monogram hosted by Svetlana Andreyeva, member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia. The expert explained that every monogram could be inscribed inside a square, a circle, a rectangle, and other figures, you only had to bear in mind the whole composition. According to Svetlana, in order to develop a beautiful hand, you need to practice your hands off whereas drawing fancy ornaments might boost your pen skills. The visitors tried their hand in fashioning monograms and learned about various techniques, compositional guidelines, and a set of plastique-developing drills.

Learning the art of calligraphy is like learning to play a musical instrument: in both cases daily practice for hours on end is obligatory Passion and determination will quicken the desired result