November 4, 2012. Workshops and Master-classes at the International Exhibition of Calligraphy

This Sunday the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy hosted a series of workshops dedicated to the International Exhibition of Calligraphy project launch. The first interactive class for children began at noon. Maria Skopina, calligrapher and graphics artist and new participant in the project, held a master-class on crafting gift cards in Russian Cyrillic ornate lettering. The class was attended both by children and adults. Maria showed the basic principles of letter interweaving. Everyone had the chance to practice their skills in writing their own name in Russian Cyrillic ornate lettering.

In the afternoon, Appolinaria Mishina presented her workshop entitled The Door and the Book: the Calligraphy of Text. At the lecture the audience learned about the specifics and peculiarities of calligraphic writing and layout on paper, metal, and in books.

The program of the first Sunday was concluded by Nadezhda Pavlova and her master-class Calligraphic Monograms and Ornaments. According to Nadezhda, a monogram is a personal sign of the person it has been specifically designed for, while practicing calligraphic ornaments has always been a great exercise for the hands and for honing one’s calligraphic skills.

Workshops and master-classes are to resume next Sunday. On November 11, our program will include Nina Kozubova and Artyom Lebedev, as well as a famous graphologist Larisa Drygval.

Source: International Exhibition of Calligraphy