November 25, 2012. A Workshop by Rashvand Babak Hamamlo and Yegor Lobusov

A workshop on Persian calligraphy painting held by Rashvand Babak Hamamlo, a prominent Middle Eastern artist and illustrator, took place yesterday at the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy. Mr. Hamamlo flew from Tehran to take part in the International Exhibition of Calligraphy.

Many guests gathered to attend the master’s seminar and try their hand at the interactive workshop. By midday, all seats were occupied. For three hours, Babak taught the art of Persian calligraphy painting to children and adults alike.

Yegor Lobusov skillfully continued the Asian theme. Guests took part in a workshop dedicated to Chinese calligraphy which, according to Yegor, helps to strengthen one’s health. This project participant knows this firsthand since he is a doctor by profession, having a lot of experience at the Basargino educational-recreation centre.

Traditionally, the next workshops are to take place on Sunday. Calligrapher Yuri Koverdyaev and graphologist Larisa Drygval will hold their master classes on December 2.