You can read an inscription on a fly’s wing in Sokolniki

The 5th International Exhibition of Calligraphy opened at the Modern Museum of Calligraphy in Sokolniki park. Almost 200 works by masters from 52 countries are on show. Among the exhibits are record holders from the Guinness Book of World Records such as a hand-written Russian Constitution or “Calligraphy on a fly’s wing” miniature, as well as many other works.

You will see calligrapher Andrey Drachenkov’s “First translation”, a Glagolic writing of John’s Gospel scratched in wax, An Vanhentenrijk’s works combining calligraphy with three-dimensional paper forms, as well as Apollinariya Mishina’s bilingual book St Mark’s Gospel (in Old Church Slavonic and pre-reform Russian).

On Sundays you can visit the master-classes of Korean and Arabic-Persian calligraphy as well as of Kufic writing.

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The exhibition is open until 12th April.

Source: Vostochny okrug, newspaper

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