MVK Launches a New Project

MVK has launched a new project dedicated to the art of calligraphy. This was announced by Aleksey Shaburov, Director General of MVK International Exhibition Company at the closing ceremony of the Mobile Polar museum. International exhibition of Calligraphy is another link in the chain of historic, socially important projects initiated and supported by MVK and led by its executives, Aleksey Shaburov and Andrei Lapshin. The project is aimed at introducing professionals (artists, art schools students), amateurs and all the concerned to the art of calligraphy. As a matter of fact, calligraphy has been undeservingly neglected in recent years. Professional calligraphers and amateurs are welcome to master-classes and seminars to brush up on their calligraphic skills. In addition, at this exposition there will also be presented the catalogue of works of the world Masters of calligraphy. The exposition will feature the works of the well-known calligraphers of Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. In order people fully understand and feel this fine art the exposition will present the foreign calligraphic schools as well. The framework of exhibition includes a museum displaying the historical documents and manuscripts written by hand. The project will be introduced to the general audience on September 16-21, 2008 in St Petersburg; after that it will be demonstrated in the framework of the Equiros-South exhibition on October 3-6 in Rostov-on-Don and at the Russian Parliament (State Duma) on November 18-21, 2008.

Source: "Expo-Report" magazine