Moscow kicked off the Week of Japanese Culture

Moscow kicked off  the Week of Japanese Culture

MARGOSHA: Yes! I would like to go there more often!
I am very fond of Japanese restaurants, but I don’t like all of them, of course. There is one I really love because it is really cool. I always feel great there! But I don’t think I want to try Sushi in Japan. I feel like here they cook ​​Sushi so that our stomachs can deal with. Yeah.

ONEGA: Yes, but quite rarely.
It is so nice to wipe your hands with a warm scented tissue! Well, except this, everything is like in any other restaurant: the right company makes the whole thing.

ELENKA: I haven’t had the chance yet
Too much fish and raw products on the menu put me off. I would try a little bit, BUT only in Japan.

LIZOK: Yes, of course!
I love Japanese cuisine so much, it is very different from ours and this is what makes it fascinating.

A man walks into a Japanese restaurant and asks how big the portions are. The waiter explains that the restaurant has a special system for deciding how much to serve. The waiter then asks the man where he is from and he tells him proudly 'I am from USSR“. Then the waiter brings him one-sixth of all the Sushi they have.

Source: Metro, Russian daily newspaper