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Did you start to write more since the Internet appeared?

Tatiana Portnova, Deputy of the Moscow City Duma:

— On the contrary, now I write less. In general, since the Internet appeared you can find the information, correct it, compile it and that is how the material gets almost ready. Previously, you had to find a few sources, read them, write an extract of the information required, and then edit it all.

In the subject

Calligraphy-expo.com — is a website dedicated to calligraphy. The 2nd International Exhibition of Calligraphy opens in Moscow on October 14th, which the website to highlights the history of written language, old manuscripts, modern researches in this area, the existing museums of calligraphy in the world.

The Gallery section includes some of the exhibits which are to be showcased at the Moscow’s exposition. Many of the readers will find the Graffiti section interesting as it tells about the background and typology of this popular way of written self-expression.

Author: Konstantin Isaakov
#167 (25187), 08.09.2009

Source: Vechernyaya Moskva, daily newspaper