Calligraphy: the art of excellence

March 6, 2008

MVK Exhibition Company has launched a brandnew project Calligraphy: the art of excellence. The project laid foundation to a series of exhibitions in St.Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don and Moscow to be held in September, October and November.

Before bookprinting was invented calligraphy had been the main means for text layout. This ancient art is alive today, but if we do not take pains to keep and reserve it will fall into oblivion. To keep calligraphy is the main goal for MVK`s new project.

Scientists proved that handwriting can tell us a lot about the person who wrote it. Besides, calligraphy lessons improve cerebration, strengthen fine motor skills. So, we can make a conclusion: let our children write well, it is sound practice.

Today, there are very few calligraphers. During the presentation of the project calligraphers gave master-classes and created true master-pieces. As a part of the project there will be organized a calligraphy museum exposition. The first exhibit to the museum - a manuscript book written in the 18th-19th centuries - was presented to MVK as a gift.

Source: Newspaper "Nashe Vremia"