Calligraphy: new and unique project of the MVK International Exhibition Company

MVK International Exhibition Centre has been existing for 16 years already. Every new project is notable for the original ideas and perfection of their execution. But the company not only consolidates its positions on the market, but also it is bound in honor to participate in social projects which can help forming healthy and beautiful society.

Recently the company launched a new project – “International exhibition of calligraphy”. From September 16th to 21st the most famous Russian calligraphers will demonstrate their works, give master-classes, and introduce all the comers to the ancient calligraphy art at the Russian Academy of Arts in St.Petersburg. At the same time the Organizers plan not only the demonstration of calligraphy samples, but many other interesting things.

More complete information about the project and its role in development of exhibition business we get from the author of the project, Director General of JSC International Exhibition Centre Aleksey Shaburov.

Aleksey Yurievich, could you tell more about the uniqueness of the project “International Calligraphic Exhibition"?

—Contemporary calligraphers believe that Russia has not seen such a project for 30 years. Our exhibition has a mission to form a beautiful and healthy society. And the goal is to revive the art of calligraphy.
This sphere of art is absolutely forgotten and deserves more careful attention and thorough studying. In Japan, for example, calligraphy is a credit course in humanitarian Institutes and diplomatic Academies. It is proved that calligraphy helps human beings to develop their creative skills and to systematize the ideas because hand, thought, and pen are closely connected with each other. A vast range of researches was carried on in this sphere, for example by the specialists from the Bekhterev Research Institute. There are also medical findings of foreign specialists. Soon everyone will be able to find on the website the materials about the fact how calligraphy influences artistic abilities and development of the workings of human mind.
Many well-known calligraphers are speaking now in support of using special pens instead of ball-point pens in primary schools. It is proved that the every day usage of the ball-point pen negatively affects the hand of children. It can even turn back the thought building of children. That is why in many schools of Japan and China instead of ball-pointed pens there are used a special tool, something between pen and marker pen.

Who will take part in the exhibition and which business programme have you prepared?

— We visited calligraphers from all over the world. Nowadays we know about 17 registered participants from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Israel, Syria, Japan, and China. On the exhibition there will be a separate mount devoted to the specialized literature in calligraphy. We are going to show about 300 books both in English and Russian.
The project includes also the very demonstration of calligraphic works. So, visitors will be able to see the differences between Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and European (Roman) calligraphies. One exhibition hall will be devoted to the Russian exposition, and another – to the foreign one. And the most interesting thing is that we can not hold an exposition just of contemporary calligraphic works. All our projects have historical orientation. Supported by Russian State Ancient Acts Achieves we are going to represent hand-written texts of different historical periods. Visitors will be able to trace back the development of Russian writing.
Unfortunately, there will not be so many works. But if we succeed in getting some originals, we will show their exact reproductions.
The exhibition programme includes master-classes for professionals and amateurs. Each calligrapher will chose a certain calligraphic theme of which he has the best grasp, and give lessons in calligraphy to visitors, both adults and children, for free.

If it is not a secret, how did you get the idea to organize such an unusual exhibition?

— By accident. While sitting in the airport I had read some information about the great master Leonid Ivanovich Pronenko – the legend of calligraphy. Then the idea about calligraphic exhibition appeared. Our work provoked the great interest. We have already begun casting for the exhibitors because, unfortunately, we are very short for exhibition space.

Which results are you expecting to get?

— First of all, according to the mission of our project we should start developing of society from the very childhood. That is why it is necessary to put calligraphy into the school curriculum. Some calligraphers from Moscow and St.-Petersburg have already made a request for help in opening calligraphic schools in these cities. It is not so expensive, and if the budget permits we will divert a necessary sum without fail. Secondly, I hope that after realization of the project the whole team of organizers and MVK company, will become pre-eminent in professional sphere. Since it is not simple to start such a nontrivial project we have to maintain a voluminous correspondence, to arrange meetings, and to understand the subject. In order to understand what calligraphy is, all the members of our team have their practical training in calligraphy. Let us see how it will reflect on our professional skills. Generally speaking I am proud of my team; that is why I am not afraid to think up and realize fresh and unusual ideas.

When does the presentation of your project “International Calligraphic Exhibition” take place?

— The presentation takes place on May 14 at 2 pm in Crocus Expo Exhibition Centre, pavilion No3, hall right in front of entrance into the room No13. if you have questions you may call 8-800-100-77-70 or visit out website

Aleksey Yurievich, the last question: what do you think about the development of the exhibition business in general?

— I believe that exhibition activity in Russia will develop in the same way as in the other countries. Exhibition companies will lay stress not on the extension of exhibition spaces but on arrangements of symposia and conferences within the framework of exhibitions, i.e. on development of business programmes. They will seek after the most economic methods of attracting new exhibitors and guests. Such form of conducting business moves is not typical of Russia yet. As soon as the experience in this field is assimilated the number of exhibition spaces will drop down.
Projects of our company are dedicated to vast business programme within the framework of exhibitions. Besides, many of our projects are unique. They have a certain social value, mission, and goal.


Source: “Business and Exhibitions” magazine №4(33) April, 2008