Calligraphy: Handwriting of the Society

A lot of moral values nowadays are becoming fake and artificial. Entire cultural layers such as the art of calligraphy are skipping human lives. Aleksey Shaburov, MVK Exhibition Company Director General, understands it very well and tries to do his best to improve the very quality of life by restoring the spiritual traditions through various social projects.

A new project is totally unconventional but fits harmonically into the concept of the Company’s creative development. The project is dedicated to the art of calligraphy which had been the chief method of text graphic design before book printing was implemented.

The project aims at restoring the art of calligraphy, promoting writing culture, making a retrospective journey into the history of the art, introducing modern trends and calligraphic schools, turning people to cultural values and forming of a beautiful and healthy society through calligraphy. According to scientific research, calligraphy soothes human psyche, develops the most delicate hand muscles and stimulates the work of brain and fantasy. In former times the Letter as the sample of fairness and diversity of the world inspired creative activity of children. Calligraphy makes us think about beautiful future today. Exhibition Company makes the investments which will bear valuable spiritual and moral fruits.

On February 15 they officially started a new MVK project “Calligraphy: the Art of Excellence” which laid the foundation for the International Calligraphic Exhibition. In the framework of the exhibition there will be set up the Mobile Museum of Calligraphy, held seminars and master classes. Besides, the visitors of the Exhibition will have an opportunity to see the project catalogue containing the works of the Masters of calligraphy. The exhibition will be held on September 16-21, 2008 in St Petersburg, on October 3-6 in Rostov-on-Don and November 18-21 in the State Duma in Moscow.

Among the guests of the presentation there were professional calligraphers from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, artists, parliamentarians, press, TV crews and MVK business partners. The opening ceremony was attended by Anatoly Karpov, chess world champion, whose kind words warmed the hearts of MVK team and the visitors of the presentation. Professional calligraphers got excited by the fact that there are people who restore forgotten art and made some suggestions on the project development. “For 30 years we have dreamed about this meeting. This project is a gift for our souls. Having united us, MVK International Exhibition Company stimulated restoration of national calligraphy”, said the Masters.

There is no doubt this project will move the exhibition to a new level. A new quality of life is not just possible, but quite real. MVK Exhibition Company does not force the project up, but attracts young talented people of various professions to discuss the possibility of forming a beautiful and healthy society.

Source: Newspaper  "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" (No35, February 19)

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