Charity museum tours continue

November 24, the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy held two charity museum tours: for the members of the Danilovskaya district organization of the All-Russia Society of the Disabled, and for the children from the Pavlin Orthodox orphanage.

It was the first visit to our museum for both the children and the adults, and they were astonished with the beauty of the written word. They learned about the various kinds of writing, types of writing instruments and writing traditions typical for different cultures and to see them all applied. One hour was not enough to study every piece of art represented in the exposition, and after the tour was over the visitors equipped themselves with lenses and carefully studied the works. The kids tried to count the lines on the fly’s wing in the work of the Taiwanese miniature artist Chen Forng Shean.

All the participants expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to meet with the world of the art of calligraphy.