Tula citizens and guests of the region could see the handwriting of the ancestors at the new exhibition

Tula History and Architecture Museum is preparing to launch a fascinating new exhibition "Russian Script: Tradition and Experiment".

This exhibition brings together works by artists who incorporate traditional Russian scripts in their art: the uncial script ustav, the semi-uncial poluustav, vyaz, and cursive. The tuliaks could see the works of more than 30 artists from Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Estonia, and the USA. According to the museum group page on social media, upcoming events related to the exhibition include: a lecture by Oleg Matsuev and Maria Skopina "Russian Script: Live Tradition"; a workshop by Tatyana Petrenko "Learning the Russian Vyaz".

The exhibition presents the works of the new generation of calligraphers writing in Old Russian scripts such as ustav, polusstav, vyaz and cursive. It seems that these scripts came to a halt long ago, frozen somewhere in the 17th century and have nothing to do with the 21 century. But in the ultra-fast global world with its pop culture, fragmented thinking, and reliance on the wow factor, the spaces allowing for meticulous handwork, admiring beauty, and thoughtful search for new art forms are more important than ever. Turning back to the authentic calligraphy art opens new horizons for modern Russian graphic and font design, combining it with the national tradition. It creates an opportunity to change and create without imitating or denying the past.

Source: Vesti Tula